Tuesday, 11 December 2012

International subscriptions

International subscriptions are now available for Turbulence. International single copies cost £4.50 and one year (four issue) subscriptions cost £14 (saving £4 over a year) - both prices include postage and packing. Click here to go to the subscription page.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Turbulence 12 - out now!

Issue 12 of Turbulence is out now! The latest instalment features poetry from Jonathan Barrington, Michael Bartholomew-Biggs, Byron Beynon, Ed Blundell, Kierstin Bridger, Jonathan Butcher, Idris Caffrey, Ken Champion, Tobi Cogswell, Stephanie Conn, Ariel Dawn, Nikolai Duffy, James H Duncan, Caroline England, Michael Estabrook, Cliff Forshaw, Alan Hill, Tom Holmes, Ted Jean, Richard Luftig, Dave Malone, Mario E. Martinez, Michael Mc Aloran, Patrick McEvoy, Mark J. Mitchell, David R. Morgan, JBMulligan, Jim Murdoch, Rachel Newlon, Richard King Perkins II, Charles Pitter, Estill Pollock, Kevin Raidgeway, Jeremy Stewart and Lin Whitehouse.

To purchase a copy, visit the 'Buying Turbulence' page of the website.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Turbulence 12

Issue twelve of Turbulence is now going to the printer. Watch this space!

Monday, 5 November 2012

2012 Pushcart Prize nominees

We are delighted to announce the following Turbulence nominees for the 2012 Pushcart Prize:

Byron Beynon - "Worm's Head"
Tyler Bigney - "Odds / Ends"
Peter Harris - "The Pentecostal Minister and Me"
Mary McCollum - "Witnesses"
Helen Mort - "The correct pronounciation of Staropramen"
Andrew Pidoux - "The Charity Shop at Night"

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Turbulent Times

The latest news and events from around our turbulent little world:


Fresh Ink Open Mic: 
Wednesday 7th November - Staks Bar, Beverley Road, Hull. HU5 1LN. 7.30pm.
An evening of Hull's finest poetic and spoken word talent hosted by Ashley Fisher and Nicky Ellam on the first Wednesday of each month. November's special guest is Johnathan Barrington. Free entry. www.facebook.com/freshinkopenmic.

Sharp Street Launch
Saturday 10th November - Trinity Church, Newland Avenue, Hull.
Wrecking Ball Press launch 'Sharp Street', a collection of poems telling the story of 140 men from one street who died in World War I. They were all from an area of Hull that is a relic of the Industrial Revolution; growing up together, working together and supporting local Rugby teams. The poems offer a narrative of the War from the opening salvos through to the Armistice.

More Poetry: 
Sunday 11th November - Frank's Front Room, 31-32 Station Road, Hastings. TN34 1NJ. 2.30pm.
Ken Champion and Juli Jana host. Featuring poetry from Catherine Smith, open mic, and music from Tim and Mel. www.facebook.com/morepoetry.

More Poetry
Monday 12th November -  The Coffee Shop, 13 Leyden Street, London. E1 7LE. 7.15pm
Ken Champion and Juli Jana host an evening of poetry and music featuring Post-Beat poetry from Brian Docherty, guest musician Petri, music from Tim and Mel and open mic. Admission £1. www.facebook.com/morepoetry.


Two-Headed Dog by Mitch Grabois
Hank Ribinthal is a psychologist at FLOPSIE, a state psychiatric hospital in the Florida panhandle. When his favorite patient, Tiffany, disappears from the hospital grounds, Hank becomes obsessed with finding her. His search brings him into Tiffany's world, and into a wider and weirder reality than he believed possible. For more info click here.

The Turbulent Times posts exist to promote the works and projects of poets published in Turbulence. If you have any news you would like included in these posts, email us at turbulencemagazine@gmail.com with the subject heading 'Turbulent Times'. We hope these posts will appear every week or so.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Issue 12 submissions

We are now actively reading for issue 12 of Turbulence. Please send up to six poems (no more than 30 lines each) and a brief third-person biographical note to us at turbulencemagazine@gmail.com.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Turbulence 11

Turbulence 11 is out now! Featuring poetry from Gary Beck, Mike Berger, Ed Blundell, Ken Champion, Bob Cooper, Julie Corbett, yaqoob ghaznavi, Howie Good, Quincy D. Goss, Mitch Grabois, Alan Haider, Christy Hall, Mamta Madhavan, Joe Massingham, Helen Mort, Ian Parks, Thomas Pitre, Winston Plowes, Andy Skitt, Jessica Tyner, Anthony Ward, Julie Watkins, David Wheatley and Lee Clark Zumpe. Click on the Buying Turbulence to get hold of your copy!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Issue 11 submissions

We are now actively reading for issue 11 of Turbulence. Please send up to six poems (no more than 30 lines each) and a brief third-person biographical note to us at turbulencemagazine@gmail.com.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Contributor copies outside EU

We regret that from issue 11 of Turbulence, we will no longer be able to send contributor copies of the magazine to outside the EU. Contributors outside the EU will in future receive pdf versions of the publication.

This decision has been taken following a recent increase of Royal Mail's postage rates by 50% for deliveries outside the EU. As you are doubtless aware, Turbulence runs on a shoestring budget and as such simply cannot afford this increase.

Faced with unsustainable losses, we had three choices for the future of Turbulence:

1 - close the publication permanently.
2 - decline all works originating outside the EU.
3 - provide pdf contributor copies for all non-EU contributors.

We feel that choosing the third of these was by far the best option. We wish to stress at this point that no-one on the Turbulence team is paid and the editors are often obliged to put their hands in their own pockets to ensure that this project continues. Turbulence is, for us, a labour of love.

We thank you for all the support you have shown us so far, and hope you continue to submit poetry and read the publication in the future.

Many thanks
Ashley Fisher
co-editor, Turbulence

Turbulence 10

Issue 10 of Turbulence is out now! The latest instalment features poetry from R. A. Allen, Vicki Bartram, Mike Berger, Ashley-Elizabeth Best, Sioux Browning, John F. Buckley, Miles Cain, Dorothy Cashore, Ken Champion, Tobi Cogswell, Rose Cook, Stephen Devereux, Salvatore Difalco, Leanne Dunic, Jeff Dupuis, Kate Falvey, Christina Frei, Alisa Goraneer, Julian Jason Haladyn, Christy Hall, Alan Hill, Richard Hughes, Saul Hughes, Jo Langton, David Levitzky, Michael O'Brien, Andrew Pidoux, Luke Prater, Charlotte San Juan, Pamela Sayers, Jay Sizemore and Anthony Ward.

To purchase a copy, visit the 'Buying Turbulence' page of the website.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Issue 10 submissions closed

Submissions for issue 10 of Turbulence are now closed and we are now putting the issue together. All submissions received by the issue 10 deadline have been sent replies. If you have not received a reply you should shortly be receiving an acknowledgement of your submission stating that your work is being considered for issue 11. If you don't receive one of these today or tomorrow, please drop us a line at turbulencemagazine@gmail.com because it probably means your submission isn't on our radar. We are now open for submissions for issue 11, please see the submissions section of the site for how yo submit.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Turbulence 10 submissions

From Monday, 30th April, we will be actively reading for issue 10 of Turbulence. If you'd like your work to be considered for this issue, please send up to 6 poems (each a maximum of 30 lines) and a brief, third person biographical note (less than 50 words) to us at turbulencemagazine@gmail.com.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Turbulence 9

Issue 9 of Turbulence is out now and winging its way across the world. Featuring poetry from: Ali Abdolrezaei, Anthony Arnott, Mike Berger, Byron Beynon, Tyler Bigney, Andrew Buglass, Laura Chalar, Ken Champion, Antony Christie, Peter Cowlam, Mariana Dan, Michael Dunne, Abol Froushan, Michelle Geddes, Jeffrey Graessley, Michele Harris, Peter Harris, William Wright Harris, Loukia M. Janavaras, Erren Geraud Kelly, Keith Lander, Richard Luftig, Jay MacLeod, Mary McCollum, Alejandro Mendez, Charles Pitter, Jon Plunkett, Gary Robinson, Nathaniel S. Rounds, Charlotte San Juan, M. A. Schaffner, Sam Smith and Christina Thatcher. Simply click on the "Buying Turbulence" link to buy it!