Thursday, 22 December 2011

Turbulence 9 submissions

We are now actively reading for issue nine of Turbulence. If you would like your work to be considered for publication in this issue please send upto 6 poems of upto 30 lines each and a brief biographical note to us at Submissions will close on 13th January.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Jacqueline Hallenbeck at The Art House

On Thursday, January 5th, Art House Productions presents The Art House. Poets, musicians and performance artists coming together in Jersey City.

Featuring Poet-in-Transit, Jacqueline Hallenbeck.

Jacqueline Hallenbeck is a Poet-In-Transit. She is the author of Poem-atic, a book of 109 very short, very entertaining poems, five chapbooks ("Poetry is...", "Poesía es...", "Faith in the City", "Tine after Tine" and "Random Poetry (these bullets don't hurt)" and the US Distributor of Turbulence, a quarterly poetry magazine based in Hull in the UK, as well as one of 40 contributors to "Prompted", an international anthology by poets at the Poetic Asides blog run by Robert Lee Brewer, where she posts her poetry on a regular basis.

Her work has appeared in Current/The Hudson Reporter, The Hudson Independent, SpeedPoets, Turbulence, Almiar/Margen Cero, The Midweek Reporter, Ceremony, Afterword Magazine and Ecuatoriano among others.

Art House Productions
Hamilton Square
1 McWilliams Place, 6th Floor
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(SE Corner of Hamilton Park near Erie St./8th St.)

Entry $5

For more details, click here for the facebook event.

Amanda Anastasi and Benjamin Solah at Passionate

Performed as part of Amanda Anastasi's feature performance at Passionate Tongues at the Brunswick Hotel, Melbourne, Amanda and Benjamin Solah combine their refugee-themed poems, "Christmas Island" and "They Kill Them."

Click here to watch the performance.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Howie Good's "Dreaming in Red"

Howie Good's new collection, Dreaming in Red, is out now through Right Hand Pointing and can be purchased at by clicking here. All proceeds from Howie's new collection will be going to the Crisis Center in Birmingham, Alabama.

Ali Abdolrezaei and Abol Froushan at the Platforma Festival

Ali Abdolrezaei and Abol Froushan performed at the Platforma Festival last week. You can watch their performance by clicking on this link.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Turbulence 8

Issue 8 of Turbulence is out now. Featuring poetry from: Ali Abdolrezaei, Jeffrey C Alfier, Lloyd Aquino, Daniel Ari, Jaime Birch, Jane Blanchard, Francesca Borrelli, Laura Chalar,
Ken Champion, Changming Yuan, Tobi Cogswell, Laura Cesarco Eglin, David Ford,
Ricky Garni, Howie Good, Kenneth P. Gurney, Christy Hall, Geoffrey Heptonstall,
Erren Geraud Kelly, Karen Knight, Len Kuntz, Robert Leach, Stephen Mead,
Sheila E Murphy, Annemarie Ni Churreain, Lance Nizami, Bob Owen, Fiona Sinclair,
I P Taylor, Lin Whitehouse and Larry Ziman.

New website!

Welcome to the new home of Turbulence on the internet!